Knitted basket as a decorative or practical detail in the home for the past several seasons, with the return of the retro style, have gained true popularity!

Everywhere you can see shelves and cabinets with them, housewives use them to store laundry or small things in the home, and we must admit that they give the ambience a warmth and a really special vintage shmek!


Design Options

t will work for you when you find that you can make these cute baskets alone, with minimal consumption, using old newspapers!

See instructions and refresh your home with unique knitted corn!



Fashion trends really can make us surprised! Very often they erase boundaries between some practical purposes of fashion hits, which often can confuse and make us somewhat insecure when, for example, we need to go to the street to go, with a basket for a trip instead of a standard female bag! Yes, it is possible, knitted baskets, besides as an indispensable part of the picnic equipment, appeared on the catwalks!


This spring

Knitted baskets have really suspended leather bags. As usual, even this fashion trend did not appear from anywhere – let’s remember how famous actress Jane Birkin used to boldly combine her knit cart with almost all dress combinations. And she looked really chic!

Today, the fashion knitted baskets are somewhat different stylized than those that Jane wore on the streets of Paris.

We especially like these! They are sweet and we think they can fit perfectly into your spring look this spring!

Never a stockholder, is it? And especially nice cufflinks that complement each of our looks!

If you want a unique purse that is completely digressive, NEVER others have, we suggest you make it yourself!

In today’s post, we discover how to make a lovely summer knit bag. Ideal for the boho style this year is an absolute hit.

You will have an original fashion detail that you will make almost without any cost!

See the instructions and make sure it’s easy to make.

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